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Custom Cooling & Heating Inc. has selected a prime list of upgrade options to make your home more efficient in both the warm and cool months. These hand picked items are beneficial in their own way, and might be a great option to avoid certain problems in your home in both present and future situations.  


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HONEYWELL HUMIDISTAT: A dehumidistat turns the air conditioner on while you are away to help control moisture when heat and humidity conditions are high.

– $110.00


HARD START KITS: A hard start kit helps your air conditioner when it needs help the most, when it first starts up and has to begin the pumping process. The addition of a hard start kit will extend the life of your compressor, which could save you from the high cost of a repair or replacement. 

– $120.00 – $220.00

UV LIGHT:  This item helps provide a higher air quality in your home by controlling mold and mildew on the evaporator coil.  – FDA APPROVED CLASS II MEDICAL DEVICE –


SURESWITCH CONTACTOR/TIME DELAY RELAY: Although a whole house surge protector will help with power surges, it will not protect your HVAC equipment from the damages caused by frequent on/off – on/off power outages.  Once your system shuts down, a time delay will prevent your system from coming back on for 5-7 minutes.  This helps all of the components in your system, especially the compressor. 

– $125.00

SURGE PROTECTOR:  This will help protect your electrical devices in your home during our famous Florida lightning storms.  Just remember… If you leave it plugged in, you need to protect it. (Computers, TV’s, etc.)



ELECTROSTATIC FILTERS:  Removes small particles like pollen, tiny dust and smoke that disposable filters leave behind, leaving the air smelling cleaner.  No need to replace costly filters each month because electrostatic filters are washable!  More importantly, they come with a lifetime warranty. 

– $200.00

STORM KIT:  Get MAXIMUM protection for your A/C! Kit includes surge protector, time delay & hard start kit. Save a bundle compared to buying these protection devices separately!

– $295.00

KOOL KAPS: Permanent, protective, automatically lifting A/C unit cover. It keeps leaves, dirt and harsh weather from deteriorating your air conditioner all year long. Never needs to be removed! 

–  $125.00

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